An Open Letter to Nannies/Caregivers

A few weeks or months after giving birth, most working moms either chose to or have to go back to work (depending on their situation). Many moms have to work to provide for their family, others chose to work either for personal or financial reasons. Returning to work is a HUGE step because for most people this means that you just welcomed the most precious blessing into this world and you now have to decide who you can TRUST to take the absolute best care of your perfect little baby.

For some this means having a family member care for their little, for others it means searching for weeks on end to find a daycare they like, for some it means hiring a nanny to come to their home and others it means taking their baby to someone else’s home who is a shared nanny between multiple families. But for all of us, it means finding someone who we can trust but also, someone who we can realistically afford. This isn’t always an easy task.

Once you find that perfect fit though, you are able to feel at peace with leaving your little so that you can go make money for your family. For some moms this makes ALL the difference.

So, if you provide quality childcare, please know that YOU MAKE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. Not only are you helping to raise tiny humans (because it takes a village) but also because you are empowering parents and allowing them to do what they need or want to do to provide the best life for their family- we couldn’t do it without you. Whether you are the babies grandma who enjoys every second you get with them because you love them (almost) as much as their own parents, you are a friend of the family who watches them for a reasonable rate to help contribute to your own families finances, you’re a nanny just trying to pay their way through college or you work at a daycare- YOU ARE A LIFESAVER.

There’s been points in my career as an admin where I have struggled with feeling like I’m not “making a difference” or doing enough to help others (don’t get me wrong I love my job and am SO grateful for it) but a lot of my friends have more obvious life changing/helping people jobs (nurses, teachers, firefighters, respiratory therapists, etc.). The company I work for makes the American dream of homeownership a reality for people daily so in a roundabout way, my job does make a difference. However, I know I can’t be the only person who has wondered this or struggled with this concept before. Anyways, today I had meetings at our regional office and business lunch with my boss and colleagues. After a delicious lunch and two meetings, I said goodbye, walked out to my car and before I began the 1hr 17min drive to pickup my son I checked my phone. Throughout the duration of the day, our sweet friend who nanny’s for us occasionally (who had Ave today) sent me ten pictures and one video. My heart smiled as I looked at the pictures and then as I drove home I couldn’t help but think about how lucky we are to have several friends who offer to nanny (or nanny share) for us, and I wondered if they know how much of an impact they make. It’s not realistic for us (or most middle class people) to pay a ton for childcare so it is amazing that we are able to get such high quality childcare despite not being able to pay nearly as much as these amazing people deserve.

Being a childcare provider isn’t for everyone. For instance, I love kids but I wouldn’t thrive as a nanny the way that I do in administration. It’s just not as good of a fit for my personality or lifestyle. I am down to babysit for friends and family on occasion but it takes a very specific person to provide great childcare daily and enjoy the job they do. So if that’s you, THANK YOU. I think I speak on behalf of other working moms too, when I say we appreciate you- even if we don’t say it often enough or show it the way we should.

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