Babies love like Jesus does.

This morning Ryan took a call out to work so I was on my own with Avery for church. He was super fussy and making it hard to get ready so I was on the fence about even going. When I finally decided to go to the last service I was short on time and had to chose to either put on a tiny bit of makeup or make a cup of coffee. Naturally I chose the coffee and in true, new mom fashion- spilled half of it on my center consul as I was getting into the car. Made it to church (a little late, as usual) and the service was amazing. After the service I went into the church bathroom and set Ave (in his car seat) on the counter so I could rinse out his bottle. I looked in the mirror and kind of rolled my eyes because I couldn’t believe I had went in public looking so rough but as I looked down, I was greeted with the BIGGEST smile a 2.5 month old baby can possibly make and it hit me…. this was the same bathroom I cried in when we were trying to get pregnant and I was feeling discouraged, the same bathroom I ran to throw up in during my first trimester, and now here I am with the biggest blessing God could have ever trusted me with. 💙 Ave doesn’t care and God doesn’t care if my hair is greasy or my outfit isn’t cute or if I leave the house without a spec of makeup on. All they care about is that I love them. I’m going into this week trying to see others and myself more like Jesus does, with love and free of judgement ❤️

We don’t actually dress up for church but here’s a picture of Avery in dress clothes just because he’s adorable.

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