An Open Letter to people who don’t want kids.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for thinking you would change your mind, I’m sorry for not understanding how you couldn’t want a family of your own. I’m sorry for being ignorant. Now that I have decided I might only want ONE KID (ghasp, “how could you?”, “no one wants an only child”, “you’ll change your mind”) the judgement and unsolicited opinions I’ve gotten have shown me a whole new perspective on reacting to other people’s reproductive choices.

I would NEVER want more than two kids, let alone six but if I was to openly judge people for having too many kids as publicly as people condemn me for only wanting one or you for not wanting any, I would seem so MEAN. It’s like skinny shaming in a way. Although no shaming is okay, skinny shaming is far more publicly acceptable than fat shaming just like our society seems to find it okay to judge people for not having kids or for having one kid but not okay to question people who chose to have full litters of kids.

So let me just say if you don’t want kids, good for you. Not that you care or need anyone’s validation but I respect your decision. I don’t think you’ll change your mind, and I understand that you probably have very good reasons for not wanting kids that are really none of my business.

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